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Angie Sanchez, owner of AAA PET CARE LLC

serving the Chicago South Suburbs of IL

Hello! I’m Angie, and with over 35 years of dedicated experience in pet care, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Certified in pet CPR and actively pursuing a professional pet sitter certification through NAPPS, I am committed to continuous learning in pet first aid and beyond. My hands-on experience spans from the Chicago Heights Animal Hospital to various roles in the pet care industry. Moreover, my volunteer work with the South Suburban Humane Society and the Greater Chicago Ferret Association has deepened my understanding and compassion for animals.

Embracing this journey, I’ve launched AAA PET CARE LLC, a venture born out of my profound love for animals and a desire to serve like-minded people. As a pet owner, I resonate with the need for trustworthy pet care services that treat your furry, scaly, or feathery companions with the same love and attention they receive from you. AAA PET CARE LLC is more than a business; it’s a passion fueled by a commitment to excellence. Fully licensed and insured, we offer comprehensive care for pets of all kinds—ensuring peace of mind for you and a loving environment for them. Trust in AAA PET CARE LLC; we’ve got all your pet care needs covered.

My ferret Kale taking a nap

AAA PET CARE LLC stands as a beacon of trust in pet care, offering licensed and insured House and Pet Sitter services, serving the south suburbs of Chicago. With a promise to treat your cherished pets with the same affection and kindness as if they were my own, I ensure a seamless and loving experience for your furry and not so furry family members.

To experience my commitment firsthand, I invite you to schedule a complimentary meet and greet. Let’s discuss how AAA PET CARE LLC can cater to your pet’s unique needs.

For appointments:

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Cat Nap

Welcome to my Pet Care Services

Text or Call to Book a Service
708 669-4768

  • A free meeting between myself, the client and their pets at their home...

  • Drop in at clients home for 30 min. or less

    From 35 US dollars
  • Visit clients home for pet care.

    From 35 US dollars
  • Visit clients home to walk dog

    From 35 US dollars
  • Visit clients home to trim nails

    From 12 US dollars
  • Visit clients home to clean waste from yard

    From 25 US dollars
  • Providing boarding for ferrets in my home

    From 10 US dollars

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Providing services to areas with in a 30  min drive of Chicago Heights IL


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Dominique, Flossmoor IL

Angie is a wonderful and well trusted animal lover and caretaker. Off the bat, I would 10/10 recommend her to family and friends and 11/10 work with her again. She is attentive not only to your personal requests (leaving music on for animals, feeding fish, administering treats, etc.), but to the animals adjustments. Angie cleans well, feeds on time with photo feedback... 


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